Outstanding decisions

Outstanding decisions

  Metal packaging cartel

On April 24, 2018 unannounced investigations against various companies by the European Comission (COM) started.

Several production companies may have made agreements regarding the price and distribution of clients in the metal packaging branch.

Affected branches are the metal packaging sector, grocery businesses, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. The time period is unknown. Further investigations are ongoing. Therefore a decision is still outstanding.

  Pharmaceuticals supplier cartel

In 2019 investigations against eleven companies in Switzerland, Germany, India, Australia and Luxembourg by the swiss antitrust authority (COMCO) began. This antitrust case could be revealed due to a whistleblower of the engaged companies, which forwarded information regarding a possible antitrust case.

Distributors and manufactorers of the pharmaceutical substance Scopolamine Butylbromide may have arranged price and area agreements. Sales prices may have been pushed high and markets were divided by areas.

Scopolamine Butylbromide is a substance that is used in medication against spasmodic stomach pains, renal colic and bladder spasms. Producers and distributors sell this substance to companies that produce medications.

The cartel region is, so far known, worldwide and the affected parties are most likely drug manufacturers.

A decision is still outstanding.

  Salmon cartel

In the beginning of 2019 unanounced inspections against four norwegian companies, that are based in the UK, started by the European Commission (COM).

It is suspected that these companies raised the prices of salmon and may have arranged argeements.

A decision is still outstanding.

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