ECDA – concept & members

In 2017, a cooperation of European law firms was initiated in the area of cartel damages claims,
which led to the foundation of the European Cartel Damage Alliance (ECDA) in August 2019,
a registered Association under German law seated in Berlin.


The cooperation of ECDA members is characterized by great mutual trust and is partly based on a long-standing exchange of experience and numerous joint projects between the participating law firms in the field of energy and antitrust law (see also AEEC).

ECDA serves the exchange of experience between its members and the formation of cross-border communities of parties harmed by a cartel / plaintiffs with the aim of increasing the negotiation mass, synergies in the processing of mandates and cost reduction, in particular in the case of assertion of claims or beneficial terms vis-à-vis the litigation funder.

The antitrust lawyers within the network have several years of experience in the field of enforcement of cartel damages claims, starting with the fire trucks cartel (representation of the municipal side), to the rail cartel (representation of public and private companies), specific energy cartels such as the GIS or the power transformers cartel (representation of network operators and industrial companies) and the trucks cartel (representation of the broad spectrum of truck buyers) and currently the high voltage power cables cartel.

Finally, ECDA members have established a cartel radar system, i.e. they observe European cartel proceedings from the investigations to the final (binding) decision in order to inform potentially harmed parties about current developments in due course.






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European Cartel Damage Alliance Symposium:

New developments in the field of private enforcement of competition law and litigation funding for companies in Europe


Contact information:

ECDA coordinator: Johannes Vollmer
Phone +32 2 204 44-13

Postal address:
European Cartel Damage Alliance e.V. (ECDA)
Magazinstraße 15-16
10179 Berlin / Germany